Friday, October 3, 2008

October Daily List

Welcome to my new blog. It's basically all my lists that I fill my control journal with. Someone mentioned the other day that there should be a blog full of lists, well here it is. Welcome to the Dragon Lists.

With many thanks to Aromatic for her encouraging words I am dedicating this first post to her. We are all trying to cut back, be more organized, figure out what on earth we're doing, and this is part of the way I am trying to walk this path. I'm going to make a start with this months Daily Tasks list. We all have lists of ironing, vacuuming etc that we must tackle every day but we often overlook the smaller bits and pieces that need tackling. They build up and get on top of us and we end up with so much clutter we feel as if we're drowning. Each month I follow a list that adds one, small, daily task each day.

Here is Octobers Daily List

1. Write your menus for the month. Form a shopping list and stick to it.
2. Go through your summer clothes and remove any that no longer fit, are worn or damaged, or that you haven't worn in the past year. Donate them to charity or E-bay them. Better still, re purpose them in to something useful for your home.
3. Schedule and doctors, dentists or opticians appointments that have been overlooked.
4. Write your Christmas present list and make a budget to work with. Start buying items this week.
5. Give your kettle a good clean out with a cup of white vinegar.
6. Clear out all old bills to stop them cluttering up your workspace. Make sure you shred any sensitive material and recycle it. Shredded items make great bedding for small animals or birds.
7. Donate 3 books to charity, school or other worthy cause.
8. Test all of your smoke detectors. If you don't have then go and get some and install them. They are fairly cheap and could save your life.
9. Try a new recipe. be adventurous! Let your family help choose what they would like to try. You may even come up with a new family favorite.
10. Go for a swim. Swimming once a week will help your overall fitness and help tone your tummy muscles.
11. Plant all of your spring bulbs. mark where you have planted them so you don't dig them up when you come to spring planting.
12. Clear up any fallen leaves or debris from your garden.
13. Clean out one book case. Attempt to remove, and donate, at least half a shelf. If you haven't read a book in the past few years it's time to pass it on. It's hard to get rid of books but you will welcome the shelf space.
14. Sort through your underwear drawer and throw away anything old, tatty or that doesn't fit well.
15. Give your washing machine a really good cleaning. Add a cup of vinegar to a hot water wash, no clothes or soap, and let it run. this will clean out the lime scale left behind normally. Cleaning your machine is often neglected but will save you money and the extend the life of your machine if done regularly.
16. Clear out the junk drawer. We all have one so don't deny it. Put it to good use and stop putting junk in there.
17. Turn your mattress today. Turning it a couple of times a year will extend it's life. Also give it a good vacuuming or run over it with a steamer. This will help to eliminate dust mites that could cause health problems.
18. Spend 30 minutes in your garage or shed. They get neglected over the winter months but your should ensure that they are dry and waterproof.
19. Take time out today for you and your family. Go for a walk on the beach, do something special.
20. Deep clean your shower until it sparkles. If you need to remove lime scale from the shower head then use vinegar instead of harsh chemicals.
21. Weed out all the old papers etc from your purse.
22. Pick one cupboard in your kitchen and clean it from top to bottom. Check the dates on any food stuffs in there, moving the things that need using soonest to the front.
23. Clean our your oven and the burners. Try and do it without chemicals. there are many instructions on green cleaning available on the web.
24. Empty your inbox. Remember to empty the trash folder as well.
25. Take today to make a handmade gift ready for Christmas. Make sure you complete it and put it away safely when your done.
26. Toss any old socks that are missing their mates. If you can't bare to bin them, recycle them in to something new.
27. Family movie or games night. Enjoy a little quality time family and friends.
28. Clean off one vertical surface in your home. Don't put anything back on it!
29. Return one borrowed item.
30. Recycle all your old papers and magazines. Doctors surgeries will often take the magazines too.
31. Halloween! Make a spooky cake, give your kids a few Halloween items and treat them to a little candy. Bob for apples and play games inside where it's warm.