Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekly Goals

I'm unable to write, and keep to, a monthly list right now so I'm breaking it down in to smaller weekly goals. Life is way too busy to be able to plan daily chores!

Goals to achieve this week:

1 - 1/2 a day at the allotment.So much to do before next month! Less than a 3rd is currently in a usable state so I need to get a move on.
2- Clear at least 1 basket of ironing. I currently have around 3 1/2 baskets full! I hate ironing but it's getting a little bit silly now.
3 - Loose 2lbs in weight. Sensible goals here. Need to loose the chubby.
4 - Hang my calender and white board. 2 essential things in my life. The calender helps me keep track of a busy family and the white board is where I jot down things I need I to do. Both are in constant use.
5 - Sort out the kitchen book case. It's a mess, a dumping ground, you can't even recognize it as a book case any more. It desperately needs replacing in all honesty but I can't see that happening soon. It was one of those flat packs from Argos and it is literally held together with hope and duct tape.
6 - Wash the lounge nets and clean the window. It's a job that gets overlooked but could really do with being tackles. It doesn't take long and makes a huge difference.

That's it. Just 6. Doesn't seem like much does it? The truth is that it's still pushing the edges of what I can achieve right now. Between the ME and the fact that I am STILL ill, this has been going on since December 22nd now, this will take most of my energy reserves. Normal house hold chores will continue as will the normal rounds of meetings and phone calls. Speaking of which, time to go and get things started.